Why you should be excited for the Fall update to iOS

A couple of weeks ago during Apple’s WWDC event, the operating system that we are all looking forward to and most likely all use the most is iOS, and iOS 15 is coming this fall. It seems like the biggest features that have been added to iOS 15 are all about connectivity and bringing together people together in more ways than before given the current status of the world. So, out of all the features that have been announced, here are the ones that I am the most excited for.


FaceTime got some major updates, but there are a couple…

Why the M1 iMac should be the only one available

Since the release of the M1 chip from Apple, they have slowly been updating and moving away from Intel chips in their machines. Which only makes sense, the M1 chip is much more powerful, made by Apple, using the same coding language, so why bother with the Intel chips?

A few months ago, Apple redesigned and released the new iMac with a 24-inch screen that includes the M1 chip as well as a whole bunch of new features (hardware and software) that take full advantage of the M1 chip. When Apple released this model of iMac, they got rid of…

Features too look forward to in the Fall

The long-awaited WWDC 21 Keynote presentation happened not too long ago. Apple nerds all around tuned in to find out what new features are going to be added to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS.

It feels like the biggest thing that Apple focused on was features that they wanted to add to their Apple Ecosystem as a whole, rather than focusing on the individual devices and software.

We all use our Mac’s everyday for productivity, play, entertainment and leisure. So, this is the software update that I was looking forward to the most out of the rest, and honestly. I…

Is the iPad mini still relevant in 2021?

I remember when the first iPad mini was annouced. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It felt like the first proper redesign since the iPad was launched. It has thinner bezels, chamfered edges, and with the new size of the iPad mini, it could be held in one hand with ease.

To middle school me, this was the perfect device. It had all the flexibility and capability of the iPad, but in a compact size and a cheaper price point. Even today, I still love the idea and size of the iPad mini. …

I am in the Apple Ecosystem forever and here is why

Being a tech enthusiast, a lot of friends and family often question “Why do you buy Apple?” Which is a completely valid question.

Android and Windows devices are much more customizable, flexible, easy to repair, countless more options and ultimately cheaper in a lot of ways. So it only makes sense to get these devices right? You have devices that can do almost everything an Apple device can do, but in some cases, they can do more and are kinder to your wallet?

There are two reasons why I personally buy Apple products, one I feel can apply to most…

You need to be able to effectively communicate for the best results

If you are shooting a friend, family, model, client, or essentially any human being, you need to able to communicate what you want them to do in the photo. Whenever I am shooting, I have a mental picture in my head about how I want the photo to be, so I have to do my best to try and communicate exactly what I want the model to do in order to achieve this.

This may sound like something very obvious, but I found that when actually shooting, photographers (including myself) get nervous about communicating and telling the model what to…

Which one is the better M1 Machine?

The iPad Pro with the M1 chip has finally been released to the public and people are loving it. They are astonished by how much power they are holding in their hands and how capable the iPad Pro is.

Slowly and surely, the bridge between what a tablet can do and what a laptop can do is getting smaller and smaller, but are we there yet? Can the iPad Pro replace a laptop?

Late last year, Apple put the same M1 chip in its MacBook Air, making the MacBook Air an extremely thin and light laptop that was powerful enough…

I don’t have any Social Media on my phone and here is why

Last year, when lockdown began, I deleted all social media off my phone. There was just a lot of noise, and with every country handling the pandemic differently, and there was major FOMO as well. While I was being responsible and staying at home, I had friends meeting up or quanantining with each other and having a great time.

At a certain point, social media was just not helpful in anyway. Watching other people, both that I know and do not know having fun or bitching about being in quarantine like we all were. …

What I hope to see in the latest update to iPadOS

With WWDC only a couple of weeks away, Apple will be unveiling a lot of the software updates that will come out in the fall. So, we can expect to see updates to iOS, watchOS, macOS, maybe tvOS, and iPadOS.

We all love our iPads. They are one of the best pieces of tech that we have and use on the daily. We love them for leisure activity, such as reading and watching movies, to creativity, such as drawing and editing, all the way to productivity, such as taking notes and sending emails. They are so versatile and can be…

Smartphone photography is great, its just not for me

Nowadays, it seems like the biggest things that smartphone companies are working on and striving to improve are the cameras and be the best smartphone camera system on the market. Its rare to find a phone that only have one camera because companies are adding as many cameras as possible to their phone, all providing different focal lengths and serve a different purpose. Every tech review I watch about a new smartphone, its the camera’s performance that ends up taking up majority of the review.

Now, you even have professional photographers who have given up their DSLR camera’s and specifically…

Aamer Seth

A young University student very curious about many things and here to share his thinking. Interested in Photography, Technology and sharing stories.

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