Books that can help every student live their best life!

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I was just finishing up my second year at University when the pandemic started. With all the extra time, I decided to do something that I feel like most of us have probably said during our life. I started reading more. Suddenly, I became a bit of a bookworm and really found myself enjoy tons of book focus around growing as an individual, from many different aspects. Whether it be relationships, work ethic, mindset, I was all for books that were about self-development.

Over the last year, I have read quite a few books, and there are four that stood…

Hey Sebastian!

That is one feature that I would love Notability to add, so hopefully they add it soon!

Why Notability my favourite app for Productivity.

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Since the release of the first iPad Pro, along with the Apple Pencil, more and more people are ditching their notebooks and moving towards an all digital workflow. Anything that is on their mind can either by typed, hand-written, drawn out and shared easily through messages or emails. Having a completely digital workflow is fast and convenient, as long as you have the right apps.

Being a student, when I got the Apple Pencil, it was honestly an impulse buy. I didn’t know if I was going to use it and how useful it would actually be. …

Things you need to know in order to start shooting in manual

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Let’s say you’ve got your first camera, been shooting around in automatic mode and really enjoying it! But, now you want to explore, get more creative, have more control over your camera and start getting specific photos that you have in your head, saw on Instagram or maybe saved to your Pinterest board.

In order to do this, you need to start shooting in manual. Shooting in manual lets you have complete control over the camera so that you are able to calibrate the settings to get the shot that you want. …

What I hope to see in the new iPhone 13

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As we know, every fall, Apple releases its new iPhones that are supposed to be better than the last version and be the greatest iPhone of all time, and the best smartphone on the market. However, I think that Apple has been dropping the ball lately. While the iPhone updates from the previous years have been nice, there are still so many things missing on the iPhone, things that should have been added years ago. There are tons of features that are on countless of flagship Android phones, but Apple is extremely late.

This upcoming September, we can expect the…

My thoughts on the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 for portrait and fashion photography

About two months ago, to further my photography skills and gear. And about a month ago, I was browsing online and found that the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 MACRO was for sale. So, I did a little bit of research, watched a few reviews, and decided to pick it up. Up until now, my main lens that I used for 90% of my photography was the . I thought new camera, may as well get a new lens, and something different that what I have been using for…

Features that will be great to see on the Apple Watch

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With WWDC happening later this June, Apple will be updating all of its software. During this event, we can expect to know more about the upcoming versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. watchOS is the software that runs on Apple Watch and is why we enjoying using Apple Watch. As Apple likes to say, Apple Watch is the ultimate fitness and health companion, but I believe that there is much more that the Apple Watch can do.

Personally, I have the Apple Watch SE, and while I love it, I still feel like I overpayed. Its a great…

The new iPad Pro is a perfect entertainment, productivity and creativity machine


In Apple’s Spring Loaded event, they updated the iPad Pro models, especially the 12.9 inch model (which is the one that I am looking at getting) with huge upgrades that truly makes it worth the “Pro” name. It is because of these upgrades that I believe this is the best iPad released, and will most likely my next one!

I have had my iPad 6th generation for about 3–4 years now, and absolutely love it. It has truly stood the test of time, still being able to keep up with the tasks that I throw at it. But, I wish…

Apple has finally refreshed the best all-in-one


The iMac is one of the most popular computers that Apple makes, and is easily one of the best All-in-one computers that is out there. They provide fantastic picture quality, great sound and smooth performance for everyday tasks. And, if need be, they are amazing for more intensive tasks when the specs are upgraded.

However, Apple did not change the design and overall feel of the iMac for years, and it was beginning to look outdated. …

My experience using Wealthsimple to enter the world of trading

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As someone who lives in Canada, whenever I watch YouTube video, it felt like nine times out of ten, there was an advertisement to start investing using Wealthsimple (I swear the song would get stuck in my head. If you know, you know). I noticed a lot of these ads last year, just as we entered the pandemic and I needed to look for some new ways to start making some money. …

Aamer Seth

A young University student very curious about many things and here to share his thinking. Interested in Photography, Technology and sharing stories.

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