Apple, if the iPhone 15 does not have USB-C, you are idiots.

Aamer Seth
3 min readFeb 20
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I feel that it is quite ridiculous that I have to write an article like this, but I’ll be very real here, this is more of a rant.

Back in 2016, Apple released their refresh of the MacBook Pro, a device where the only ports were USB-C. They claimed that USB-C was the future, its a single port that can handle a connection for everything, from charging, data transfer, video and audio, that with one port, we won’t need anything else. This would then lead to a universal wire, so no more are the days of carrying around five different cables, each one with a different purpose, but just one cable that will take care of everything.

Now, admittedly, at the time, Apple was way ahead of themselves. The world was not prepared for this, in fact most people were furious with the fact that they had to change all their cables, and they would have to get adapters for everything that they already had. It wasn’t helping the fact that Apple sold adapter at an insane cost. Although Apple owns a huge share of the market in the tech industry, this mean that a lot of companies were creating more accessories and adapting, so more wires, such as USB-C to HDMI, came out, but again, the time was not right and people weren’t ready for it.

Fast-Forward to 2023, Apple was right. USB-C in many ways has become that one, universal wire that works for everything. Many Android devices have adopted and use USB-C, Cars now have USB-C ports rather than regular USB, you can charge countless of devices from it. In fact, many Apple devices charge with USB-C, All of the iPad’s, all the MacBook devices, you can choose between the MagSafe, or you can use USB-C to charge.

So it is beyond me why Apple has not followed what they said in 2016, and why they have not made the iPhone’s have USB-C and replace the lightning port. This was something that I believed Apple should have released three years ago, when they launched the series of iPhone 12 phones. If Apple were to make the iPhone’s with the USB-C, there would be countless benefits, and things would be a lot easier.

Think about it. For those users who have iPhone, iPad and a MacBook, one 20W Charging Brick and one USB-C cable, and all devices would be able to charge with the single setup. For those who like to use…

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