Are we too dependent on technology?

Aamer Seth
3 min readOct 17, 2020
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I have come to the realization how dependent I am on the technology around me, recently my laptop. One morning, I am simply folding clothes while watching some Netflix and all of a sudden, it dies. I get the blue screen of death. So, I am thinking that no problem, it’ll just restart and all will be fine. But, it doesn’t. I try and force shut down and boot it up and learn that my hard drive has essentially died, not being able to boot Windows.

I have no laptop.

Since losing my laptop, I have been working off my iPad which has been very limited. While I am able to get some basic work done, it has certainly slowed down my work flow a lot and made it increasingly difficult to get anything done. It made me realize how dependent I am on my laptop and the technology around me. Thinking back, I almost did not get the iPad, but now I am happier than ever or else I would not be able to do any work whatsoever.

Without my laptop, I have been less productive in many ways. Online school is much harder, taking notes and viewing the lecture slides from a much smaller device is no fun. As a photographer, I am unable to edit any photos from my iPad, something that I absolutely need a laptop for. I spent more time procrastinating and playing games and my overall mood had gone down since I feel bad for wasting time and another day doing nothing.

This may seem overly dramatic, but think about it. If your technology all of a sudden stops working one day, what would you do? (I am genuinely curious, feel free to comment). I can’t be the only one where their computer and smartphone is how they function.

Some may try to move back to a more paper and pen workflow where nothing can crash, things are far less expensive, but the fact of the matter is that the entire world has gone digital, especially during this pandemic. So if you don’t have a computer or a device to work off of, your essentially screwed.

And it is not just work. We use our devices everyday to talk to people, play games, watch tv, and more. Work, play and relax and all done on our devices.

This brings up the question:

As a society, are we too dependent on technology? We all start and end our days…



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