Canon Camera Buying Guide: Photography Edition

What Camera is right for you?

Aamer Seth
7 min readApr 12, 2022


Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

Back when I worked at BestBuy, there were many people who were interested in buying a camera, but with the amount of choices and options, and all the terminology, companies do not exactly make it easy. And all cameras tend to look the same which really doesn’t help either.

Nowadays, there are countless of options, and quite a few brands so its hard to find what is the right choice for you.

But fear not! After quite sometime selling cameras and being a photographer myself, while I was at BestBuy, I had go to recommendations that I wanted to share here.

There is a camera if you are a beginner, never shot before, but seem interested and wanted to try more, a camera for if you are an intermediate level where you love photography, but your current camera is holding you back, and expert level recommendation for those who want an ultimate camera for photography that has almost no limitations and great for professional use.

Please keep in mind that these camera recommendations are for Photography purposes; not videography. While all the cameras that are on this list have video capabilities, I am not a videographer and unaware of how great they might be.

Also, I am only recommending and writing about Canon cameras in particular since I have been a Canon camera shooter all my life, ben following the company for a long time, and have zero intention from ever moving away

With all that said, let’s get into it!

Beginner: Canon T7

The Canon T7 is Canon’s entry level DSLR and made for beginners. What I love about this camera is the flexibility it has.

There are plenty of modes that it has which allows for automatic shooting for those who want to just point and shoot, as well as a manual mode for those who want to get more creative and have more control over their image.

Users also have the option to shoot in RAW and JPEG, so incase you want to edit the photos and have flexibility…



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