Don’t buy the iPad Pro 11-Inch

Buy the new iPad Air instead!

Aamer Seth


Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash

We all love our iPad’s. Since the very first generation and the initial release, people love having their iPad’s using them for a multitude of things, whether it be reading, writing, drawing, creativity, social media, entertainment, the iPad has become a limitless device. Especially the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is a device that came out a few years ago, and like the name implies, it's made for those who want to create and have a more interactive device when it comes to building something, and maybe even want to ditch their laptop.

I loved the iPad Pro, and I think its one of the most amazing devices that lasts forever and has unlimited uses, but here’s the thing.

Apple recently had their first event of the year, where they announced an updated iPad Air. Previously, the iPad Air was made for students or those who just needed a bit of extra power to do some work and actual productivity on, rather than just leisure activities. It included the A13 Bionic Chip which was plenty powerful, but at the time, the iPad Pro included the amazingly powerful M1 chip. Now, the new iPad Air includes the M1 chip, and this is why I believe that the 11-inch iPad Pro is a waste of money and its better to save, and just buy the iPad Air.

So, if we go over the differences of the iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro, there are very few.


The iPad Pro does include a two camera system where one is a telephoto lens and the other is an Ultra-wide lens. Whereas, the iPad Air only includes one telephoto lens. Now, while its nice to have an Ultra-wide lens, I don’t think many iPad users use their camera’s a lot. Personally, I use the camera every now and then just to capture a quick note, and that is only when I don’t have my iPhone in my pocket.

Display Technology

The iPad Pro does feature the awesome ProMotion display which is 120Hz, but the iPad Air, its still featuring a standard 60Hz display. Now, the ProMotion display and having 120Hz is a lot of fun, and does create a smoother experience without a doubt. However, I don’t think its enough to justify the extra few hundreds of dollar. And if you are someone who has not experienced…



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