Happy Mothers Day ❤

My mom and I are best friends. We literally have matching tattoos. It was around high school when we started talking more and having proper conversations. But, being her favourite son, we are inseparable.

I wanted to write this article is dedicated to my Mom for everything that she has done for me. She is one of my favourite human beings ever and why she is the best mom to have ever exist.

First, she is very protective. I am not going to say “overprotective” because that has a bad connotation attached to it. She is protective in a sweet way. Especially during bad days, she is always asking how she can make it better. And it's not just towards me, but to everyone, she cares about.

Second, we are very honest with each other. I don’t feel afraid to tell her anything. And I like to think that she feels the same way when she is talking to me. Anytime and every time we want to bitch about something, we go on and on and at the end of the conversation, we both feel better.

Third, she is funny. When I was younger and sometimes even today, she would say that she has this third eye. That she is always watching us and keeping an eye out. That is funny now. And I think what is funnier is that I actually believed it to some degree back then. Even today, she tried to do itsy bitsy spider with me. Why? I will never understand, but it makes her happy. Probably the only reason why I do anything around the house anymore. I am grateful for all she does for me so I want to do things for her and make her happy.

Thinking about it, I owe a lot to my mom. She took care of me and my brother when we first moved to Canada. My dad was at work and my mom would be home with a one-year-old and a five-year-old. I can’t even imagine taking care of one kid alone. She’s honestly a star and the most important woman in my life. Happy Mothers day ❤.



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Aamer Seth

A young University student very curious about many things and here to share his thinking. Interested in Photography, Technology and sharing stories.