How COVID-19 affected my Travel Plans

Aamer Seth
4 min readApr 24, 2020
Image Source: TravelChannel

In November 2019, my girlfriend and I started planning our first trip together. In January 2020, we had booked our flights, Airbnb and had everything prepared, just planning what we wanted to do during our time in Seattle and Vancouver. As time went on, by end February, my mom warned me saying that if COVID-19 continue to spread, we might have to cancel our trip. I thought that this was crazy and the virus would never get to the level that it is at. But, by end-March, we cancelled our Airbnb and yesterday, I got credit on our flights. Tomorrow was supposed to be the day that we flew out to Vancouver, but instead, we are social distancing and waiting for this to end to plan our next vacation.

In terms of companies and airlines being understanding and flexible, Airbnb was by far the best. They had a generous cancellation policy where we cancelled about a month in advanced and was able to receive a full refund. We booked our flights through Expedia with Air Canada and that was a more tricky process.

When we realized that this vacation was not going to happen, it was about a month ago. Schools were just starting to shutting down, I came home from university and started social distancing and staying home. I did some research online and Air Canada said that we could cancel our flights and receive a credit that we had to use within the next year. Here was the problem with that. First, we weren’t very confident that one year was long enough for us to use the credit. Both of us are constantly taking courses, even during the summertime. Second, is that this is a global pandemic and we are unsure how long this is going to last worldwide, so even if the virus is no longer in our area, we don’t know if we would be able to travel to another country within the next year. Ideally, what we were hoping for was a refund or some sort and if that was not possible, a longer time to use the credit.

The Air Canada website said to call the service that I used to book the tickets. So I called Expedia who said that they would not take my call unless my flight was in the next 72 hours. Given the circumstances, we patiently waited. Yesterday, I gave a call to Expedia and got through. They said that the most they could do were to extend the credit for another two years which was great! The service that I received from them was fantastic…

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