I made a website on Squarespace in 3 Hours

For the longest time, I have been wanting to create a website so that I am able to elevate my photography business. A website that showed off my work, a little about me and my rates. However, almost every website that I tried (Portfoliobox, Adobe Portfolio and Wordpress) were limited since they are free services. None of them satisfied what I wanted out of a website.

Squarespace consistently popped up and how they were the best place to create a website. I saw it in multiple YouTube videos and ads on Social Media. I always tried to avoid it simply because I did not want to spend the money if I could use free website building services.

After working on the fifth version of my website using another free service, I got fed up, caved and decided to use the 14-day free trial that Squarespace provides to see if it is worth the cash.

In conclusion: Worth every cent.

I wanted to write this article as a first impression. I do not know everything about it, haven’t used Squarespace to its full capability, but to highlight the fact that in three hours of signing up and using Squarespace, I was able to finish my website.

First, being a student, I get a 50% off discount for the first year which is always a nice bonus, especially being on a university budget. So, for me, I signed up for the personal plan which cost a total of about $80 for the first year. Afterwards, it goes up to $160 a year. They have a variety of plans all including different features on your use which you can find here if you are interested.

Squarespace templates are decent. I was looking for templates that fit my photography business which they did not have a lot of, but it provided some variety. But they have many templates for many businesses and services. I found that all of them followed the theme of simple and minimal, which is what is trending nowadays. They are not the best, but not the worst, however, what I enjoyed was complete control and customization over the template. I was not restricted whatsoever and I could freely move the logo, menu, etc. with ease. I also found it very helpful that the header and the footer were global and easy to change. I loved the fact that I was able to change it once and not have to worry about how it looks on another page. This is a crucial feature that I thought was obvious to have, but other websites that I used did not have this.

What I loved the most about Squarespace was that the UI was simple to use and understand. Once in a while I would have a hard time making the website the way I want it, finding a certain feature, etc., but because Squarespace is more well known, first they had amazing customer service and help page that assisted me in getting the change I wanted in the website, and even if that did not work, a quick search on YouTube is all that it took in order to find out what I was looking for. The UI is extremely simple, customizable and easy to use.

I was able to find a template that I liked and completed my photography website in three hours. Prior to Squarespace, I did have the pictures ready in a folder in the proper size, but even if I did not, it would have taken a couple more hours to get those ready.

One thing that I found nice to have is the app available for iPhone and iPad. It has limited use, but it is nice to see the analytics of the website no matter where I am.

A few things that I want to mention. I do not mean to put down other website services. The websites that I have used before are Adobe Portfolio, PortfolioBox and WordPress with Divi builder. With Adobe Portfolio and PortflioBox, they were simple to use but had limits when it came to customization. Divi, on the other hand, is extremely powerful, but extremely difficult to use. I found it very slow, unresponsive and glitching a lot of the time. While each of them has their issues, they were all free services. So, the smooth workflow, complete customization, great tutorials, a proper domain and great customer help that is found with Squarespace all comes with a cost.

I truly believe that Squarespace is worth the money, especially when it is a website that helps the business. It can be seen as a business expense. I am thrilled with the fact that there is so much I can do with the website and features I haven’t even tried yet such as e-commerce and scheduling. While I have only just launched my website and this is more of a first impression, I am excited to update and continue building my website more and more.

Since we are talking about the website that I completed in three hours using Squarespace, please check it out! https://sethphotography.com

A young University student very curious about many things and here to share his thinking. Interested in Photography, Technology and sharing stories.

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