I posted daily Reels for almost two weeks and this is what happened

Reels = Fast Growth?

Aamer Seth
4 min readApr 6, 2022


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Instagram Reels, just like TikTok’s are highly addicting. Being able to spend hours and hours simply flicking on your screen and being bombarded with endless amount of content that is catered to your needs, its magical (and a bit dangerous).

Instagram Reels are great for those who are looking to grow on social media. The job of content creator has become more alive than ever, with a multitude of platforms to grow on, Instagram being on of the biggest ones. With Reels, since people are getting consistent stream of content, Reels are a fantastic way to reach a wide audience and attract more followers.

As a Photographer, I decided to use reels as a way to grow on social media, hopefully find new clients and brands to work with and gain more followers. And since I recently quit my job, I had a lot more time on my hand, so rather than posting inconsistent reels in a irregular pattern, I decided to dedicate sometime and make daily reels.

So far, its been about 12 days of posting daily reels and here are the results.

The following data below are my insights from the last 14 days.

So, clearly reels reach a much wider audience, more than any post or story, and by the looks of it, more than they ever will. Reels are the best way to reach as many people as possible in the hopes to gain more followers and a better Instagram following.

And almost two weeks in, seems like it is working! But slower than I expected.

In the last two weeks, I was able to slightly increase my followers and I was able to gain 12 new ones. Evidently, if I keep doing what I am doing with making daily reels, I should be able to grow, but admittedly not at the pace at which I was hoping.

Now, while the growth is great, and slow and steady wins the race, there are a few other things to mention about making reels everyday.

First of all, its exhausting. Not necessarily physically, or finding the time since it doesn’t take a…



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