IPhone 12 Pro: Almost Perfect

My thoughts on the newly announced, iPhone 12 Pro

Source: Apple Newsroom

Today, Apple unveiled a variety of new products, including the HomePod Mini, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, and the most powerful iPhone yet, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are great updates from the previous iPhone lineup, however I feel that they are missing a couple of things.

First, lets start with what’s new. Per usual, with every iPhone, there is a new updated processor, the A14 Bionic, the exact same chip that is found in the new iPad Air’s that were announced last month. Next, they are bringing 5G to the iPhone 12 Pro (along with the iPhone 12) which future proofs this device for future 5G speeds that we hope will become stable in the near future.

The new triple rear camera system has been updated for better lowlight performance and the iPhone 12 Pro Max provides even better performance with slightly more advanced cameras than the iPhone 12 Pro. They’ve also included a LiDAR scanner at the back of the phone for better augmented reality and bringing more depth into photos. It is the same scanner that they introduced on the iPad Pro 2020. They are also bringing RAW files (or as they like to call it, Apple ProRAW), which allows limitless creative control while editing, making this a photographer’s dream. They’ve also updated the video capabilities Dolby Vision Recording, again providing even more customization and editing.

As for the design, it is as if iPhone 10 met iPhone 5 and had a baby, being the iPhone 12. It brings back the rectangular, brick design that was on the iPhone 5, but brings the all screen design that we were introduced to on the iPhone 10. They’ve also manage to increase the sizes of the screen by 0.1 inch, while maintaining a very similar size to the previous iPhone 11 Pro’s. Last year, we had Midnight Green as the standout colour along with gold, silver and grey, but this year, we have Pacific Blue (my personal favourite) along with graphite, silver and gold.

Apple has also introduced MagSafe to the iPhone, a popular feature that was in many of the previous MacBook models. Essentially, MagSafe is a magnetic charging solution that snaps onto the iPhone, but they have also added accessories that can be used with the same MagSafe technology. Apple is always finding ways to use magnets.

I think that this is a fantastic phone that is deserving of the Pro name. It has got a beautiful display, strong cameras, incredible performance, amazing battery life and an elegant design that reduced the camera bump, one of the biggest things on iPhone 12 wishlist.

One thing that is missing from this phone is USB-C. Apple claimed that they want USB-C to be the port that can be used for everything, but refuse to introduce it to iPhone! I believe that once iPhone has USB-C, many people’s charging solutions would be much simple, it would be easy to borrow chargers from friends, even if they are Android users, connecting to an external monitor would be possible and transferring files could be a lot more convenient. There are many reasons why USB-C should be on the iPhone, but it looks like another year without it.

I also think it would have been great to have a smaller front notch on the iPhone. The notch has been the same size for many years and I think that it is time to make it smaller and bring even more screen to the iPhone.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be released in November, so it will be exciting to see these phones in action, how comfortable they are to use and the power of the A14 Bionic chip as well as the cameras. Soon, we’ll be able to see the true performance of these devices.

A young University student very curious about many things and here to share his thinking. Interested in Photography, Technology and sharing stories.

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