Missing Simplicity.

Aamer Seth
2 min readFeb 1, 2022
Photo by Pablo Arroyo on Unsplash

Having your heart broken is one of the most painful things someone can experience in their life. It really suck, you feel as though there is no hope and nothing anyone says will make it better, there is nothing you can do either to make the situation better. For a period of time, you don’t really know what to do with yourself.

But, if you are someone who has gone through heartbreak, you learn that the best cure for heartbreak is time. Eventually, you start to feel better, you start to feel more like yourself again, and you learn from the past and move on.

While I am only 21, I have had my fair share of heartbreaks, and I have always come out of it, stronger and learning something new about myself which is great.

But there is one thing that I think I miss the most.

As time goes by, it seems like any relationship that starts to build always has a certain complication that is present. Something that makes the things that you really want, not so easy to obtain.

I miss things being simple.

I miss the feeling where you can just give it your all, put your entire heart in the situation without thinking of what it might mean for your future, what will your family or friends might think of this other person, what does it mean for your job, school, career, where you want to live, etc. You always have to think about how this one piece of the puzzle fits into the entire picture that is your life.

Now, sure, this could be just me bitching about something that is part of growing up and becoming an adult, but I hate the fact that simplicity in life goes away the older you get.

I mean life is short and precious, so why does there have to be so many variables to it? Why can’t you just say to yourself “Hey, I like where this is going, lets just continue and see what happens”. This not only goes for relationships, but many things in life, and I think that’s just one of the most annoying things about it.

Seems like the older you get, the more experience you gain in life, the harder it is to actually live your life.

I think all that I am hoping for now is that whenever I do meet that special someone, maybe they are the one who can make life seem easy again.

Aamer Seth

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