Must-Have iPad Apps for Students

Apps to keep you organized and productive during the school year

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iPad’s have quickly become one of the most popular and powerful tools for students. It is a versatile device, serving a multitude of purpose that all help you accomplish your academic goals. Many have now gotten rid of their computers and completely switched to using iPad only.

So, if you’ve got an iPad for the school year, ready to use it, here are some apps that I use which keep me on track with all my school work.


This one feels quite obvious, but it is hands-down the most useful app that I have on my iPad. In fact, it is because of this app that if anything happened to my iPad, I would cry because I have lost all my work for the term.

As the name suggests, it's a note-taking app where you can have all your notes organized in sections (or by class) and while you are taking notes, you have access to all kinds of paper, colour pens and highlighters, easily draw shapes which is great for making diagrams, record audio and lots more. You can even import documents straight into Notability and mark it up however you’d like (This is how I like to do my readings). I think that every student can benefit from this app.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is how I organize all my deadlines for assignments, mark when my exams are. At the beginning of the term, I go through all my courses and mark all deadlines and important dates on my Google Calendar and set it to alert me a week before. This helps me make sure that I am not going to be late for any assignments or I am not screwed for an exam last minute. I have it across all my devices so I can check from anywhere.


This is a to-do list that requires a subscription, but this is my favourite To-do list app. It provides lots of sections for you to organize your tasks along with times as well such as Today, tomorrow, this week and later. You can also create habits that you would like to do every day and track it with the app to help you build better habits.

I like to use this app to make sure that I do everything I need to do for the day (both school and regular life related) along with developing and keeping healthy habits.

Honourable Mentions

These are not necessarily must-have apps, but I think that they are useful for some and depending on who you are, you can find some use out of them.

Microsoft Office / Google Apps

It is very likely that during your time in University, you will come across a Word document or Google Slides to work on your group project. It is helpful to have apps such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Docs, Sheets, Slides to just quickly open and view what you are working on.

For those who have switched to the iPad completely as the main device, then these are a must-have since they give the closest experience to Desktop. I’d also recommend looking at Pages, Keynote and Numbers (Apple’s versions) to see which one works the best for you.

Apple Books

You can find lots and lots of textbooks for free online in an ePub format, and using the Apple Books app, you can open it there and easily view your textbook!

Texting Apps

This could be Facebook Messenger, Slack, Instagram, etc. I think that if you are someone who works on a lot of group projects, it's important to have the apps on your iPad where you can keep in touch, get notified if your group is trying to reach you and work with them. There is nothing more annoying than having a group member not respond when you need them.

These are all apps that I use regularly during the school term and I love using my iPad for school. It has easily become a staple in my bag and I rely on my iPad and these apps to get me through the school year.

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