My 3 Income Streams as a Student

How to make money while studying

Aamer Seth


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

As a student, one of the biggest stresses is money. No matter what, you can never have enough and things just get more and more expensive somehow. All of a sudden, you are not living with parents and all of these new expenses are introduced.

Along with everything else about becoming a student, you have to learn how to budget, spend responsibility, and earn money as well. Ideally, you will make enough to sustain a lifestyle that includes taking care of your expenses as well as going out and having a social life.

During my time at University, I had a few streams of income to help me get by. The way that I like to put it is I had one active income, one passive income, and one hobby income.

Active Income

An Active income is one where you are spending the time and energy, and getting compensated in return. So, in my case as a student, I had a couple of Part-Time Retail jobs during the four years that I was in University. This was easily the largest source of income, and this is where I made most of my money.

Retail jobs seem to be the easiest ones to manage while in school since they do not take up any, or very little energy while outside of the workplace. Your mind is not really often occupied with work, but once you are out of the store, you can go back to either your study life or social life. To add, when you are in university, everyone around you is a student, and that means that you are likely to be working with other students, so this creates a great environment to work as well, and with enough students in the workplace, you have people that are able to cover shifts, and switch with in case you have an exam that you need to study for.

While they are not the most glamorous and fun job that you can have, they remain simple and easy way to make money while studying.

Now, every now and then, being a Photographer, I would land a gig which would also be included as a source of active income, and I think that this is a great example of using your talents and skills to make some extra cash. If you have something that you are good at, its simple to put up a couple of ads online, find some clients, get some work and earn some money. By…



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