My MacBook got stolen.

Be careful selling online

Aamer Seth


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

I am not much of a storyteller, but I think there is a few things to be learned from my experience last night. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else, so I thought I would share it here.

Let me preface this by saying I have sold many items on FaceBook Marketplace and Kijiji, and they’ve all worked out great in the past. However, this time, not so much.

That being said, story time!

About a week ago, I decided to sell my 13-inch MacBook Pro and use the money to upgrade to the 16-inch. I was able to get a really good deal on the 16-inch, but first needed the cash that the 13-inch would provide.

I bought my 13-Inch MacBook Pro for around $3000 after taxes and all. I decided to sell it for $2400 (which is a steal given the condition that it was in.) So, I posted the ad on FaceBook Marketplace and Kijiji one night, and the next morning I woke up to quite a few messages for the MacBook.

Only problem that each and everyone of them was a scam. First, they wanted me to ship the laptop. I was willing to and everything provided that they paid for the shipping fees and I had the money in my account. They had my word, and everything was done on text so there was proof and all. However, every online transaction that I got was from a fake PayPal email address or fake Interac E-transfer address. Needless to say, my morning was spent dealing with fake people, trying to scam me and surprisingly them getting upset with me for not sending the MacBook. One guy said he was going to report me to the FBI which would have been interesting considering I lived in Canada.

Fast forward to yesterday, I still had no luck selling the MacBook. I dealt with a couple more scammers during the week, and yesterday was also a horrible day in my personal life. As I am eating dinner, I get a call

Someone in my city said that they saw the ad and was wondering if they could pick it up that night around 9. I said sure since I was thinking that finally, there is some good news. I completely wiped and reinstalled the OS on the Mac so it was as if it was just opened. Put everything in the box and had it ready.



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