With the state that the world is in today, it makes it difficult to be positive, patient and plan for the future. There is so much uncertainty and chaos that we aren’t sure what to do.

But I see this as a challenge to be optimistic and view the present in a different way. I aim to enjoy the little things and focus on them. Focus on the time we get to building ourselves. Appreciate every laugh and smile that comes out way, whether it be from behind a mask or behind a screen. Focus on the feeling of being reunited with loved ones rather than the when. Let’s do our best to fill the heart with happiness in this time where the world is in sadness.

I am not saying this is the easiest thing in the world, but if we can learn to appreciate life right now, once this is over, we will be the happiest people to have ever lived.

A young University student very curious about many things and here to share his thinking. Interested in Photography, Technology and sharing stories.

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