Why I Downgraded my Phone

Aamer Seth
3 min readJun 18, 2020
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

I am a huge techie. I’ve always wanted the best stuff, always watching as many keynotes events that are put on by tech companies, excited to see what is new and how technology has progressed. Many of the YouTubers that I am subscribed to are Tech YouTubers. This year, however, I got a new phone which in many ways can be considered a downgrade from my previous phone.

My previous phone was an OnePlus 5T. It had a Dual Camera system, Full-HD AMOLED 6-inch display, a large battery that worked very quickly for the most part. After having the phone for about two years, it started to slow down and glitch every now and then. Being a tech nerd, this was exciting for me because I had an excuse to upgrade my phone. Except I didn’t really “Upgrade”.

My new, current phone is the new iPhone SE. With a single camera system, an LCD 4.7-inch display at a lower resolution, smaller battery and no headphone jack. On paper, the iPhone is better than the OnePlus when it comes to the processor. But in almost every other way, this would be considered a downgrade by many. Except for me.

First, I love the fact that I am now able to use my phone with one hand. While I miss watching videos on a bigger screen, using it with one hand comfortably is the best. Second, I wanted to join the Apple Ecosystem. I didn’t realize how much I love the fluidity of switching seamlessly between my iPad and iPhone. In addition, since most of my friends have iPhone, iMessage is a great experience. Now, I am looking at getting an Apple Watch and Mac… Apple is stealing all my money.

Second, I started using my phone a lot less. Ever since deleting social media off my phone, I barely used my phone. It was rare for it to go under 50% anymore. My phone became something that I would use to text and keep in touch with friends rather than something I needed to take everywhere. I find that I am without my phone more often and more comfortable leaving it at home. I started to become less dependent on it. Which leads to my third reason.

Third, Price. I didn’t need the fanciest of phones with the best display, battery, camera. I wasn’t very dependent on it so it did not make sense to drop a lot of cash for it. Yes, I am still a tech nerd who wants to know about all the new technology and products, but I am also a University student so that budget isn’t all that big.

Ever since “downgrading” my phone, my life has been a lot easier, less stressful and enjoyable. We may not realize how much we use and depend on our phones. Some would say that it is the one thing that they cannot live without. And that was me for a long time. I was constantly on my phone, social media most of the time, and this was just not working for me. By simplifying my phone, I simplified my life.

Aamer Seth

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