Why I love having two phones

Aamer Seth
2 min readJan 10, 2023
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Everyone today has a smartphone. And, let’s face it, we are addicted to our phones. They have everything, from our social life, phone numbers of those that we love, apps that help us in our everyday life, and we even use them to pay for our shopping. We live in an age where we are very dependent on our phones to get our work done and stay connected with others.

For most people, they have the one device that they use for all of this. Their personal life and their work life is one a single device. And this is where I believe that having two phones is better than just the one.

Being the tech nerd that I am, a few month ago, I decide to get an Android Phone. I already have an iPhone, but I wanted to have both experiences. If I am being honest, there was no practical reason for having the two phones.

Once I got my Samsung, to help justify to purchase, I decided to move everything work-related onto the Samsung. So, now I had a personal phone, where my number is given out to family and friends, and now I also have a work phone, where that number is given out to fellow co-workers along with clients.

Little did I know, while I initially had setup my phones this way to help justify the purchase, it made me really happy, and a lot more at ease to have the two worlds seperated. It was nice to not have my personal phone constantly buzzing and being flooded with emails, and it was a lot more organized from the work perspective to have everything work-related all in a dedicated place.

By having two phones, it was also a lot easier to help separate and have a stronger Work-Life balance. In certain cases, where it is not necessary, I leave my work phone at home, so out of sight and out of mind, and, again, I am not having my pockets buzzing and bothering me about things that are unrelated to the current moment that I was in.

If you are someone who has their phone buzzing all the time about a variety of differing things, I would recommend looking into getting another phone. Having the ability to disconnect is something that I’ve truly come to appreciate, and I am sure many others would too.



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