Why I switched from Windows to Mac

Why people should switch to Macs

Aamer Seth
3 min readNov 25, 2020


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For the longest time, I have been a Windows users. The software is fairly simple to use, on majority of laptops that are out there, and since they are on majority of laptops, they are easily accessible whether the laptop is expensive or cheap. Over the last 10 years of using a laptop, I have always been accustomed and grew up on Windows.

So why did I switch?

Apple laptops and computers always have used their own software, very different that Windows in countless of ways. Its a very different operating system, function and feel that all do the same things as well as providing its own unique features that make it unique and different that the competition. In the last couple of years, Apple changed and streamlined the name macOS and here are my thoughts as a long-time Windows user

First, its admittedly an adjustment moving from Windows to Mac. When you open it and get started, it's a brand new experience that takes some getting used to. So there is a learning curve to it, but its a very simple software to use after the initial adjustment. As I am a techie, it took me about a week to get used to macOS, but I can see it taking around two weeks for those who are not into technology.

One thing that I absolutely love are the gesture controls on the MacBook and how smoothly it works with macOS. While I know that Windows laptops have gesture controls, for some reason, they just work better on the Mac. I never seem to have problems with it or find myself repeating the same action which was a common problem that I faced with Windows.

Furthermore, the applications that are built into the Mac are fairly useful, but easy to remove at the same time. While Pages, Numbers and Keynote are not as popular as the Microsoft Office suite, its great that it is provided for users for free. And then almost any app that you may find on your iPhone, you can find on your Mac and have a more laptop experience, that takes full advantage of the full screen. Personally, I am someone who loves using the Apple News app, so its great to use it on the big screen when taking a break.

The App Store on macOS works far more smoothly and provides a lot more optoins than the Windows store. I would…



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