A Weekend with the iPhone 12 Pro Max

My first impressions of the best iPhone yet.

Aamer Seth


Photo by Dennis Brendel on Unsplash

Last week, unfortunately, my iPhone SE that I loved, broke. And while I was trying to wait for the iPhone 13 since it is only a few months away, I needed a new phone as soon as possible.

Previously, I went with the budget iPhone SE and got amazing value out of it. The only problem that I had with the iPhone SE was the battery life. Normally, during a day at work, I would have to plug it in and let it charge, but I needed to continue with my work, so I would be without a phone for a while. In addition, late night adventures with friends could always be a little bit of a challenge to make sure that I had enough battery for the night to capture the fun events and still make sure that I have enough battery to call the Uber home.

This time, instead of going for best value, I wanted to see what the biggest and baddest iPhone would offer compared to the iPhone SE. So, I got the iPhone 12 Pro in gold (which is extremely pretty with the black leather case) and took it on a weekend trip to a cottage with a couple of friends and there are a few things that stood out about the phone.


Coming from the 4.7 inch on the iPhone SE and moving to a 6.7 inch screen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I don’t know how I ever used such a small phone for the last year. I love having a huge screen, being able to see all of my content with ease and watching YouTube videos and Instagram is such a fantastic experience. And personally, something that I was surprised about was the fact that I could still use the phone with one hand. Sure, I am stretching out just a bit, but so far I haven’t has a problem.

However, it was much easier to use the smaller screen with one hand, but the extra screen is definitely worth the extra stretch


This blew my mind. Up at the cottage, we reached a boardwalk around 10PM, so it was quite dark. There was minimal lighting mainly coming from some lights across the boardwalk, but using the iPhone and using Night mode, I was able to get clear, sharp pictures with minimal noise. This is probably my favourite thing about the iPhone so far.



Aamer Seth

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