Scammers are Funny

Aamer Seth
4 min readJul 30, 2021
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So, something interesting that I have learned in the last month. People can really surprise you. Sometimes in brilliant ways to make you happier than you have ever been before, others in ways that bring out a whole new side of anger and rage in you.

And in my case, I don’t even think I can find the right combination of words to describe how I was feeling. It was a combination of confusion, exhaustion and all while laughing and facepalm.

Earlier this month, I was trying to sell my MacBook Pro (although it did not go according to plan). Anyway, I posted ads for my MacBook on FaceBook Marketplace and Kijiji in hopes to sell in within a week. Given the power of my laptop and the price, I was expecting offers to come in flowing and I should have been able to sell within the week.

The next morning, I woke up to quite a few text messages for the MacBook and was filled with excitement and relief that I’d be able to quickly sell and get my money.

However, that excitement died down quite quickly. Most of the people that I texted wanted me to ship the laptop across the country or across the border into the US for their “cousins” or “childhood friend”. I agreed to shipping out the laptop provided that they send some sort of deposit or pay for the laptop in full before I ship it out. And every single person that I talked to sent fake E-transfers and PayPal payments that were filled with spelling mistake, fake email address, and even some with emojis.

Within 30 minutes, I went from happy to throughly dissapointed.

But, there was one scammer who truly stood out for me.

When we started texting, he introduced himself as Charles Taylor and asked a couple of regular questions about the laptop and its condition. Then he asked if I would be willing to ship out the laptop and I agreed to ship it out at the end of the week since that was the only time that I had free, but I said that I won’t be able to hold the laptop if a local buyer is interested. He wasn’t particularly happy with this and I said that if he was willing to put a deposit down on the laptop, I would be more than happy to hold it for him which he agreed to.

Then it starts getting weird.



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